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Fujitsu PowerCOBOL
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PowerCOBOL Boot Camps

June 14-17 and
July 12-15

Fujitsu is presenting two 4-day "Boot Camp" training sessions at their San Jose, California offices this summer. The cost is $1,500 if paid three weeks in advance, $1,800 if two weeks in advance or $2,000 later. Fujitsu's website promises that a full range of topics will be covered during the 8:30am-5pm daily sessions.

For more information call 1-800-545-6774 or (408) 428-0500 or visit Fujitsu on the

Recently Released

Version 4.2

PowerCOBOL 4.2 (4.0L2) has recently been released. My office received it during the first week in April and I have been enjoying the many improvements it includes. Some new features include:

Application Development: Toolbar controls, pop-up menus, tool-tips, both modal and modeless dialogs, improved ActiveX controls, configurable date formats, and Z-order control

Development Environment: Global find/replace, smaller PPJ files, reworked editor with multi-level undo and print features, improved debug , and support for pre-compilers.

For more information see Fujitsu's website.

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