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Submit your favorite (or least favorite) ActiveX controls which you use within PowerCOBOL. We will compile a list and post it here. Maybe this will save all of us some time and money looking for the right tool.

Send to: ekoester@netscape.net


Check out the new tips regarding cancelling out of a "busy" task, using the CBL routines, and detecting a right mouse click.

If any of you can help flesh out these or other tips (or can help layout this site) let me know!

My dream for this page is that it will become a responsive forum, one that will enhance the programmer's productivity and speed the learning process faced by new PowerCOBOL users.

This is your site. Let me know what exciting projects you are working on, what sample code you have hammered out, or what frustrating problems you are having and together maybe we can get a handle on using Fujitsu PowerCOBOL.

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